Really good sitcom you haven't seen before

I know that you’re going to doubt the above topic title, but have a little faith…there’s an excellent Canadian tv sitcom called “Corner Gas” which is now also available via Youtube.

If you’d like some genuinely-funny, sarcastic, subtle (and occasionally crazy) humour, please give it a try. It might be an antidote for the nastier parts of real-life. But give it a chance, it deserves that.

Please note that this sitcom is spoken in Canadian, without subtitles, so if you’re not totally familiar with that language, it may take a little time to fully tune-in, eh.

How does it compare to Third Rock, Mork and Mindy or MASH (although not a traditional sitcom)? These are imo about the best sitcoms to come from all of North America.
But they flag when compared to British sitcoms especially from the 60s to 80s, which more than compensate for the nastier side of life.

And there’s me hoping this was about 2FTS!!!


Best sitcom? It was alright. I found it a bit awkward. I have a dry sense of humour, but that was just a bit too dry for me. And I enjoy a nice dry gin.

Best series?

Sons of Anarchy
The shield (not that rubbish agents of shield)
Vikings (until season 3, it got rubbish)
Rescue me

As the man said, I was expecting something situated in an organisation that destroyed its own raison d’etre, had its membership drop by a quarter, and put morale in the toilet.

A sort of Fawlty Towers in blue, with Nero resurrected to play a staring role…

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