Ready made cockpit - flight simulator

Does anyone know if there is a company who will produce a tutor or viking cockpit, similar to the PTTs in use with VGS?

Looking to upgrade the flight simulator with a sit in cockpit, and with the changes to the syllabus. Would be better to have something like that, than a generic cockpit box…

I’m sure I’ve seen them before on some squadrons.

RC Simulations is where we got the VGS/AGS/RAC simulators from I believe

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I thought they no longer make them?

shrug no idea about the actual status of the company, but they seem to still be offering them atleast back in 2020

The guy that owned it died. Think its ceased actual production.

Most of the cockpit based ones at gliding clubs are built using cockpits of aircraft that have been deemed beyond economical repair following an incident. Don’t know how much such an item would cost though.

Would it not be cheaper to go VR?

I’ve seen cockpit sections come up on eBay from time to time and it might be worth asking some gliding schools.
I’m not sure how hazardous more modern fibre glass materials are to work with (fairly I guess)

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You could always put a wanted ad on may get something from there.

VR is ok but having had a play with some Augmented Reality stuff this really does plug the gaps in VR

It’s not a fully enclosed cockpit, but it looks extremely good.

We’ve got a glider cockpit in need of a home, it’s done the rounds I think with lots of squadrons lacking someone with the enthusiasm to properly use it.

At this point it’s not far from the scrappers. If you can haul it, you can have it.

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My squadron bought two professional flight simulators from the French company Alsim back in 2006. The first was an AL50 IFR trainer, excellent kit, frontal projection visuals from an overhead LCD projector and a full set of instruments with a yoke, electric pitch trim, the works… Fantastic!
Then we worked with Alsim and they designed the G-Sim 30 with us. A sit in open cockpit with a stick and manual trim wheel, Fadec throttle, funn instrument panel, Nav, etc. With an instructor station, and full 180 degree wrap around visuals 6 metres wide, and 3 metres high. It was a BITD device, and so imersive it felt like there was motion! It was the absolute dogs!

Lots of local squadrons got to use it, they were so good our cadets were praised at our local AEF as having above average flying ability!

What happened to them? ENVY… It’s a long story with the outcome that the Corps missed out!

Alsim are still in business and make some fantastic products!

I contacted them recently and they are still making them. The Viking ones are around 21k


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