Ranking No.1 Dress

Afternoon everyone,

Long time no post for me. I have a quick question regarding getting a set of stripes onto my number one jacket. How the hell do you do it?

I understand that the chevrons need to be centred with the eagle patch on the top of the sleeve and that from the seam the bottom point needs to be 9.5 inches down, I can’t for the life of me get it straight however to attach it on. Anyone have any recommendations? Thankfully the ATC pins are a little more straight forward…

Thanks in advance,


I used a sheet of paper as a parallel rule against the Albatross/Eagle cut to the right length to the top of the stripes, then marked the bottom and top corner positions with tailors chalk. I then tack stiched to top corners to check that they looked ‘right’ before sewing the stripes properly.

Double sided tape, a good eye, and a bit of trial and error.

Stick them on and put on the jacket. Check the orientation. If it needs adjusting just move them and re-stick.
Take the jacket off, double check the 24.1cm measurement from the shoulder seam.
Recheck if required.
Then stich them in place either by hand or with a machine.

take to service tailor and say fix on

Ask Mummy…but then don’t forget her card on SUnday 15th…

Just make sure you tell them exactly where you want the badges. I’ve seen badges stuck on in all sorts of positions by station tailors. Just because they are on a station is no guarantee that they actually know the dress regulations.

The quality of work I’ve seen from some makes me genuinely uncomfortable that they use the term “tailor” to describe what they do.

Pin them on and keep moving them until they are in the correct position. Then you…sew them on.

Though, I’m always amazed just how many people manage to cock that up.