Rank slides A/SGT

Just having a look at the new RAF air cadets rank slides for NCO’s and the Acting SGT rank slide seems to be silver and not white. Is this correct?

Should be silver chevrons with “RAF AIR CADETS” backed in white

I’ve just seen a whole batch from cadet direct and it’s silver chevrons with black raf air cadets writing on same silver background as chevrons. So confused

Ran out of white thread with an overdue order methinks

Probably, in that case. Anyone who’s wears them will it he accepted? Or will we expect an earful on the WO?

Best thing to do until you’re sure is to wear sgt slides with white tabs

The slides our Acting Sergeants received from HQAC via Wing were silver backed, not white.

And they’ve have no problems with anyone making comments?

I think it’s have the rank slide is created, and you can only have 2 colours - the main colour (blue) and the secondary (silver) while the rank slides for APO are fabric.

I’m sure that’s correct. The only way to have white would be to put them on a backing a la APO.

After a quick google it turns out I’m completely wrong :slight_smile: - they are supposed to be silver. Been looking at too many officers!! :joy:

Phewww great, question answered! Just hoping my ear doesn’t get biten off by anybody now…

Answered and closed for posterity.