So it must have been at least a year ago when our squadron talked quite fondly about having a squadron range. Talk on this would be heard many times throughout the next few weeks and mentioned again half a year later yet nothing has happened.

I get that having a range isn’t not easy but it’s something all the cadets have really wanted at the squadron as something else to use as oppose to drill, lessons and with the odd few limited spaces for camps and other opportunities at our squadron.

As a cadet I just want to know how difficult this would be for staff to accomplish.

It depends what you mean by a range, an Air Rifle Range, if you have the space and the money and the staff to run it can be accomplished relatively easily. A live range you won’t be getting one built on a Squadron.

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not an expert
But if you only have a limited time left in Cadets anyway then a Range of any discription may be hard to achieve in the time you are there.

Join as a CFAV do the RCO then that provides the opportunity for the future.

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It can be easy. It can also be impossible.

Firstly, the cost. I worked out, that a two lane range, plus rifles, kit like shooting gloves would cost at least £1000, and probably more like £1500. If your civ com don’t have the money, or won’t release the funds, then it’s a non starter.

Secondly, the building may not be suitable for a range. My main hall cannot fit an air rifle range in it as it has an irregular shape.

And finally do you have qualified staff that are willing to run it (once you’ve persuaded someone to come down and carry out a range inspection, corrected and issues, and been issued the required certificates).

You can still get involved in shooting, even if you don’t have a range on site. Can you speak to your staff and arrange some sessions at other squadrons? Does your wing run wing shoots anywhere?


I once helped out when the ATC came to use the tube range at our ARC. These things have to be used a certain amount to remain viable, so it is a good possibility.

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You have to overcome.

Available space.
TSA signoff
Hq sign off.
Staff quals.
Cadet training and quals.

Im an SAAI and RCO took me 24 months from start to first shots to get a TS25 air rifle range on my Sqn going.

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We have our own air rifle range; even if you don’t end up the “beneficiary,” the cadets will - give it a go.

Funding can be sourced by different options; there are occasional Air Rifle RCO “only” cses. Until you can get your own RCO, there might well be local RCOs who can assist.

Check on all the factors to see if it is viable.

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We also have a lot of space. The squads on a school with a spare field which is flat, has a hill and not used by the school

If I’m honest, if you came to me with the tone that you’ve written these posts in I would be very unimpressed.

Have you actually asked why these things aren’t happening? It’s not always about money you know.

Stop being so entitled and try and look for ways to help rather than coming on an internet forum and spouting off.

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You are spot on.

Just remember that cadets isn’t the staff main job, it’s meant to be a hobby for them too and fills most their time outside of home and family life. For the staff to gain the qualifications to run a shoot they need to sacrifice precious time away from the family or even utilise annual leave that probably has been used already to support a week at camp. I dont think cadets realise how much time the RAFAC swallows up outside of Sqn Evenings.

Finally if none of your staff are not shooting minded you wont get a range. You need to want to attend those courses to do it.


You don’t know how my cadet experience Han been at my squadron compared to many others also locally. I don’t pay £10 to give my time as a cpl trying to teach cadets basic lessons to get them on camps To have them quit due to boredom and lack of squadron direction. Please do not tell me I am entitled because I really am just trying to make my time at cadets worth it.

And no. I haven’t asked staff why these things aren’t happening because I don’t find this approachable topic to Our squadrons staff.

All I’m doing is sharing my feelings and beliefs having been a cadet for three years at my squadron (something I have failed to talk to staff in person), and if doing so makes me feel entitled as a cadet then I don’t want to be part of it any more, sir.

Thank you Corbin.

Your posts, including this one is coming across as entitled and ranting. Please understand the members here will do anything they can to help you. But if you come on ranting and raving then you have to accept that a response back to you is not going to be full of rainbows and sunshine.

It is also incredibly difficult to help someone who has said they wont speak to the staff but if things do not change you will “straight up leave”.

We cannot do anything physical on here for you, at some point if you want to see some changes you will have to have the integrity to speak to your staff team and put across your issues. As a Cpl i would expect enough maturity from you to be able to do this.

If you want help with how to approach the staff then we can help. But please calm the posts down or you will find we will be much less willing.


Well I’m not sure where to begin here.

Speak to people on your squadron. Although my guess is that they aren’t approachable if you speak to them the same way you write because they don’t want to be spoken to like that.

Life isn’t always fair - you might love shooting, but if it isn’t practical for whatever reason for your squadron then it isn’t going to happen.

Consider transferring to one of these units that do more, but I’m sure you’ll see the grass isn’t always greener.

This is a rank free zone. You do not need to call me sir (and indeed you don’t know if I am one). You will get advice and help on here from people and I urge you to think about all of it, even that which you disagree with.

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Just do what I did. Age out become staff then work on providing those opportunities as a CI/ SNCO or if you really have to officer.

I love drill and always wanted to do Arms Drill so I became a SNCO and eventually an Arms Drill Instructor and provide that opportunity for my cadets. Shooting is next on the list.

I get to have fun doing it whilst the cadets also do.


This is all somewhat missing the point that JohnC is a cadet and this organisation exists to provide opportunities for cadets. Some of those opportunities are difficult to provide, but I can understand the frustration being expressed. Saying “just become staff” is not that helpful.


I am sorry if I have come across as rude. I just really don’t know what to do anymore.

I assure you no one on my squadron is spoken to in the way you describe. I just feel if I ask them or talk to them about these things I am just getting in their way.

Sorry if sir isn’t the correct title, just assuming staff are addressed as sir on here :confused:

Why do you call me Corbin then :wink: (FYI I dont care lol)

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