Raising the ensign on squadron

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Was wondering if there’s any regs concerning raising the ATC ensign at squadron or if anyone can share how they do it at their squadron.


This month, we do it Virtually.

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How the RAF does it is detailed in AP818, part 2, chapter 16. Try to follow those general guidelines.

There may be elements of squadron life which don’t quite fit with that - the lack of orderly officers, many flagpoles being in darkness etc. We have cadets carry out the particular orderly roles and we don’t fly it in the dark. Some units with an indoor flagpole seem to leave it up all the time.

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a picture of an ensign raised in the background of a Teams video conference?

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A whistle is blown once all face the ensign an officer or if officers are busy an nco salutes. Once the ensign is up the officer/nco stops saluting two burst of a whistle is blown and everyone carts on what they are doing

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