Rainy Day Activities

On sqn, we have a big binder filled with activities the NCOs use if we have to change plan mid parade night, if it rains. I’ve had a couple cadets come to me over some time, telling me that the activities were a bit dull and repetitive (mostly theory-based activities, quizzes, etc,) So, I’ve asked my OC if I could take the binder home and come up with some new ideas, that the cadets will hopefully enjoy!
I’ve came up with a few ideas, but I thought why reinvent the wheel, when there’ll be plenty of ideas across the corps!
Our indoor spaces for the sqn usually whittle down to 1 classroom (with our training flight taking the other) and a drill hall.
Does anybody have some ideas I could pitch?

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I don’t have anything to share right now, but it’s a great idea and good on you for taking the initiative!

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It really all depends on the interests of your sqns cadets! On ours many enjoy radios and aircraft recognition and some hate aircraft recognition but like airmanship - you can’t please everyone. We usually prioritise iDEA awards for bronze and sliver cyber as it’s easy and can be done on cadets’ phones. Another one is Op. Apache (if you have handheld radios), which I believe is available on SharePoint (our staff just gave us a copy).

Maybe put it up to a poll or something (list subjects and get them to reply with their favourite) but it’s likely stuff that we might say will not be of interest to your cadets.

Plus the space available. Some indoor squadrons can easily accommodate leadership tasks others not. STEM ideas are nice and easy.

Something we did once on a ‘non flying day’ at the VGS was the egg challenge.

Teams were given one egg, some paper and tape (I think that was all!) and a set amount of time to build a protective ‘device’ for the egg.
After said time we than took all their solutions out and dropped them from the agreed height (off the winch IIRC) onto concrete …so probably 10 feet or so., to see whos eggs survived!
Was a good bit of fun and seemed to go down well.

Disclaimer: No eggs were harmed in this activity! …oh hang on…yes they were!! :wink:

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