I just finished the RAFWARMA 2 Day march and I saw many people wearing the service ribbon for the medal. I wondered where you could get this.

Daniel Davies

When I did WARMA back in 2013, I bought the ribbon bar from the stall located in the Pub. Before you get any ideas, you’re not meant to wear the ribbon bar on your normal ATC brassard. Completely fine on your Wing brassard (if you have one) as that doesn’t exist in AP1358c and should only be used on big road marching events.

I would assume you’re attempting to go and do Nijmegen too, good luck, one of the best experiences of my Cadet career!

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Traditionally in the tent next to the medal tent at Cosford finish.

Perhaps email WARMA?

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Major thread revival, but I’m curious and signed up for road marching. So you can get a ribbon for that and for Nijmegen? If so, I might get them mounted and hang with with my various (literally all for miniature modeling) medals.

The Ribbons are sold as badges really, it’s not like any other medal bar.

The ribbons are not sold anymore, according to person operating WARMA store in the bar

I’ll sell my one to anyone willing for a starting price of £200 :rofl: