RAFAC WOs and Canes

On the 23rd April 2015, a focus group which consisted of RAF Officials debated a variety of issues and ideas concerning RAF Dress Regs per AP1358.

I stumbled across this and found the following:

“The use of canes by ATC WOs was also reviewed and the the SG [Steering/Focus Group] agreed that only one appointment, that of the Commandant Air Cadets WO, would be permitted to carry a cane during their tenure”.

Does anyone know what came of this on our end?

It may be useful to know that the support group consisted of the following:

Gp Capt A4 Ops Plans
OC Spt RAF Halton
SO1 A4 Log Spa
RAF Ceremonial
AIR A4 Clothing & Gen Stores SO2
COS Pers Pol D&I
AIR A4 Clothing & Gen Stores Cer & Pol

This can be found on a .gov website as part of official minutes.

All Region Warrant Officers have authority to carry a cane within their own regions.

No idea where/when/how that’s actually been implemented.

Been that way for over a decade since Ive been a CFAV

I wish RAF officers could carry swagger sticks. Like the Army.

Instead I have to use my umbrella to point at things.


What point to which selection of tea you require?


This is the RAF in 2020 not 1840s Royal Wavy…

Get a laser pointer to point at stuff.

Bonus… cadets chase the dot like a cat.



Gin of course.

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ACLO at Linton:

“lesson one: get yourself a big pointy stick”

He was a pilot so he obviously enjoyed waving his stick around.