RAFAC Volunteer agreement,


Can anybody throw any light on this ?


Is there a requirement for standard CC members to sign this, I can understand that there may be for the combined CI/CC members.

If so what is the reasoning behind it.

There was a thread on this is the staff section Dec 17 but it was closed after 2 days and 2 posts and referred to BADAR to which CC do not have access usually. It looks like staff only but my wing are under the impression that its ALL CC as well.

Please advise.




that’s for the royal air force association. Nothing to do with the air cadets.


All staff and CC are required to sign this agreement. We have ptinted them off and have have asked them to be signed.


Nope, link points to RAFA not RAFAC


Only registered civcom, not all civcom sign tghe RAFAC agreement. See IBN 11/17

However, as the link above is not for the RAFAC agreement, the initial question has been answered.