RAFAC Volunteer agreement, again

Further to my thread on this issue of Saturday,

Apologies for posting a link to the wrong document, however there is a volunteer agreement within the cadet organisation. Subsequent research has shown that this is to be signed by staff and reg CC only and there is NO requirement for normal CC who are not combined CI/CC to sign this.

However all CC members are ( or should be) now loaded onto Bader so I suppose its possible that Wing HQs may not be able to differentiate between those who are registered CI/CC and those who are CC only.


I would suggest looking at this thread…

Only if those civcom members have been mis-filed on the system, as their status is selected as either one or the other.

It doesn’t seem to be clearly visible on SMS, though it can be determined through a search.

As a very small wheel bader access etc is above my pay grade so to speak so cant check. Thanks for your input.