RAFAC Pins - Out Of Stock

Like the proverbial Rocking Horse poo at the moment, I have staff asking for them for various upcoming parades yet everywhere you search “Out of Stock”

Maybe I should start renting mine out. £5 +p&p a pop

They’re gopping things anyway. I don’t see why the didn’t do AC.

Because the RAF need us.

I think there’s another abbreviation that is also AC or is too similar so needed something else to avoid confusion.

I don’t see why with the SCC being allowed to keep RNVR insignia with a CFC we couldn’t keep our VRT pins with a CFC.


Army cooperation squadron


Any spare VRT pins you have, feel free to throw them my way :+1:

They use ATC for Air Traffic Control though. AC is also Air Conditioning. It would have been loads better but why ask those at the coal face then ignore them?

To be seen to be engaging.
To be seen to be habing consultation
To give the CFAV a feeling of being involved
In an attempt to confirm that the decision makers preference is valid

All the above is buzz word bingo i recognise. It all looks good on paper but by ignoring the result it does bring thr whole process into question

Those of us entering uniform during and since Covid are still awaiting our No. 1s to be issued anyhow (2 years for me at this point) so a lack of pins at least doesn’t affect us!