RAFAC Gaming Community

Hi all,

A formal gaming community has been created for adult staff only.

This is a place for staff to come together and game with other likeminded individuals.

This is still in its early stages and it will change and grow with user feedback.

If you would like to join please follow this link.

Any questions please let me know.


We talking video gaming or tabletop war?

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Video gaming, but nothing stopping table top gaming being an aspect too. Can use the discord to arrange matches with fellow CFAVs in your wing etc. It’s a part of the RAFs equivalent.

If we let the 40k lot in, it’s all going to go downhill from there…!!!

More the merrier.

I see it as a chance to meet similar people and get to share experiences, over the same game… Be it a physical game or virtual.


Anyone fancy a Blades in the Dark raid on HQAC?

Sounds a bit too much like Unternehmen Kolibri for my liking.

I’m not sure which part of criminal underworld in a dystopian, gothic-steampunk, Victorian-era London could possibly give you that idea…

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Blades in the dark… aka night of (long) knives…

Oh, I forgot the “/s” - sorry!

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sorry for the necro but is this still a thing? it sounds like a great idea but obviously the invite link is now dead

The Discord group certainly still exists, but not sure how much actually goes on!

More like the night of the short blunt butter spreaders.

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Still alive. The discord group is very quiet, but there is activity progressing in the background.

A new Esports officer has been appointed, and its a slow move to get things happening, but its there…and growing.

So does anyone have the details of it or an invite link? I couldn’t find anything on the discord servers page. Thanks

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Any word on a discord link?

RAFAC eSports Discord

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(CFAV only)

No adult cadets?

Not yet.

Verification is through you personal RAFAC email.