RAFAC Badges for Officers No5's


Has anyone managed to find an embroidered badge version of the RAFAC pins for Officers No5’s as yet? Seems a shame to punch holes through a brand new jacket!


Think they are selling them on CD, seen them in the autumn magazine


Yeh, had a look there and couldn’t see them…


They are in the catalogue, give them a ring?


just did - deffo not an item they stock. They are waiting on Cranwell to confirm the design… only had RAFAC pins for a year now…


Good luck! :joy: wait another ten years and you might see them. However, why are CD advertising this in their catalogue if it’s not yet been approved?


probably the same reason they advertised the new rank slides before they were ‘approved’


Would you like a minute to think about the question you just asked?


Snaith’s are the official supplier for these and they had stocks in, or at least they did when I last ordered some about 6 months ago.


why not sew them on?

break off the legs that go through the jacket, position accordingly and sew on with clear fishing line


Also, they are little holes and won’t really damage the material in any significant way.


I will just leave my embroidered on as i have done 10 years and i am now a retired VRT officer. I could go into the question idf not having a letter of appointment to CFC or a scroll or nothing in the Gazette or lettor of retirement/removal. But whadt is the point, it is not like anybody cares about little thing like that do they​:wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:?


I got mine from Snaiths also 6 months ago. They weren’t on the website, you had to ring Cranwell and ask.


Snaiths seem to be the option for people I know who have the material ones and not pins.