RAFAC Aircrew Badge Puzzler: Over-18 Cadets branding?

Back in the runup to the delayed CFC launch and the global Staff rebrand/formation identifier (during perhaps late 2017?) there were official wallcharts doing the rounds which attempted to show all possible rank/formation ident combinations.

Whilst we all (currently) recognise this (albeit with wrongly-sized letters)…

And might rarely-spot something like this…(though it will presumably become a lot-more visible later this year)

Just what exactly was intended with >this< badge???

For those WOs on VGS who are not entitled to the Tate & Lyle’s. Obviously it’s going to be largely irrelevant soon but at the time I don’t think the move to universal T&L’s had been announced.

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Ok, but that doesn’t quite make sense.

Whilst the CWO/AWO Crown-only badge symbols heirarchy >also< never really made (makes?) sense either…

If what you’re saying is actually true, that means that somewhere, right now, there are VGS Adult Warrant Officers who attended Remembrance Parades in 2018/19, in No1 best blues, but wearing Cadet Warrant Officer cloth badges on the cuffs, surmounted by brass eagles.

I say “pics or it never happened”.

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That’s not the cadet warrant officer badge

Farmerdan is right… That’s not the Cadet Warrant Officer, RQMS style “Crown in a laurel” badge; it’s a Master Aircrew badge made up with a single crown in place of the Royal Arms.

Note the differing placement of the crown and the different laurel wreath:
image image image

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The concept of ‘Warrant Officer Aircrew’ in itself seems unusual - The RAF has no such rank as the equivalent to WO is aircrew trades is Master Aircrew.

I get that the majority of WO in the RAFAC do not wear T&Ls (yet!), however the Aircrew WOs should really be known and Master Aircrew even if the crown rather than T&Ls are used on the badge.

I concur. It doesn’t matter which version of the badge they’re wearing, they are still a “Master Aircrew”.