Rafac 2025

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It will be a combination of promises, pipedreams, other undeliverables and spin. IF it doesn’t include a joining of force, between the cadet forces and a rationalisation of senior management across the board, I’d be very surprised.

One of the problems is, when you keep having to have a new strategy, you tend to lose direction as each new strategy invariably undoes in some way, what was proposed or done in the previous strategy or plans and dreams get derailed by things outside your control and it just ends up in a mess. Which you tend to feel is where we are now.

Maybe I wasn’t far enough up the food chain, but for the best part of 18 years (which included 8 years as a sqn cdr) as staff I have no recollection of strategies and or visions and it makes you wonder why we started to need to have them.

It’s on twitter… obviously.


Interesting that we’ve still got

  • Deliver a replacement for the No 8 cadet rifle.

as an aim. . . I thought that was nearly done.

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Well if it’s nearly done it will be an easy win and a chance to say “look at how good we are”.

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“…Deliver a remuneration policy that targets our limited resource to underpin recruitment and retention of CFAV.”

So is this a reference to the introduction of the £30 per day Volunteer Allowance (VA) for all CFAVs that’s rumoured to be replacing daily rate by rank?

Thus removing the incentive for promotion/completing the matrices… And going for a commission…

It also removes the folks that are unemployed who sign of for a week to attend camps etc and those that take a weeks unpaid leave on the basis that they get VA that makes up for some of the short fall.

It might mean you get people applying for uniform posts because they want to rather than because it carries a premium.

Not sure who they might be, but you never know.