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Our CO has asked us either to raise funds or donate to the RAFA for the RAF100 (hope that sounds correct). Is there a figure that most CIV Coms are going with? We are unsure what to commit to, as we are all so new to this.

My second question, if you don’t mind, is does anyone use ‘My Squadron’?


You ultimately don’t have to donate anything to anyone. It looks good if you do though, our fundraisers like bag packing we split what’s raised between us and the chosen charity.


Our last bag pack raised £650, so you would give as much a £325 to RAFA?


RAF 100 donation = £100

seems as suitable number as any…:pound::pound:


If the squadron has no need for that amount of money then sure.

But I would imagine raising £650 is probably a big deal to the squadron. £50-£100 isn’t asking the world and any amount is always greatly received by a charity. By the same token, if you’re in dire need of the funds, then you raised it so you’ve got no obligations.

Never heard of My Squadron but having a quick google it looks interesting, I may devote some time into delving further…


Thank you, this was the figure we had in mind


Thank you £100 was what we were thinking.

Our squadron were using ‘My Squadron’ and the Cadets loved it but our new CO has put a stop to it saying there is a Cease and Desist letter issued regarding it but he could not produce the letter at the meeting but informed us that it could not be challenged. None of the staff have seen the letter either and the Cadets wish it reinstated. Obviously if there is a Cease and Desist letter somewhere out there then we really have no choice in the matter but it would be good to see it in writing.


There was one of those letters because HQAC didn’t like the idea of personal data being held insecurely. I didn’t see a copy of it but I don’t use it so…


We support the local RAFA wings appeal, providing bodies for RAFA’s own fund-raising activities.
Surely that would be sufficient and it makes it clear who the funds are for.


Sorry, I am a bit confused by your reply, is there a letter out there or not?


Re “MySquadron” Pretty much what pep said…can’t be done.

We had the Office 365 version of this and our OF was told in no uncertain terms that it was forbotten!
Despite the various Microsoft assurances and the system being very similar to SharePoint it was not allowed

Squadron Band Email Address?

As an OC, I wouldn’t ask my Civ Com to donate Sqn funds to another charity - especially as those funds were probably raised by something like a bag-pack, where people were donating to my Sqn, not for me to hand it over to another Charity. We sometimes get donations from organisations like the RBL but it is for a specific item, for example, a donation to the new air rifle range, rather than handing over cash.

However, we have done joint fund-raising activities, where funds have been split between us and another charity, but that was made clear at the time, so people knew what they were donating to. We also support things like Wings Appeal and Poppy collecting with Staff & Cadets so donate time rather than money.


I would like to know, how providing a donation to RAFA supports the aims of the ATC for which the cadets pay you (Civ Com) to support the delivery of.

It would be different if it was pre-agreed that this bag pack would be split 50/50 however, I’d expect RAFA Support at the Bag Pack…

That £100 could subsidise Camp for 3 or 4 cadets…


I have similar views - I don’t give money to a charity to it can give money to another charity with very different objectives.

If an OC wants to raise money for RAFA then it should be done in a standalone way - RAFA collection tins, sponsored event in aid of RAFA, whatever - but when money is raised for/paid to a Sqn for the use of that Sqn, then it’s it’s simply not the OC’s to give away to other organisations.

£100 buys a lot of waterproofs, or rucksacks, or campsite fees, or minibus time.


When you fundraise, you do so for your own charity, especially where your Cadets are in uniform which will identify the Squadron. Otherwise you need to make it clear to donors, what you intend to do with the money, and if it is for the RAFA, you should have their banners etc available.

The intended beneficiaries need to be identified. That is not to say you cannot help the RAFA fundraise, in the same that the all Cadet Forces give annual support to the RBL Poppy Appeal.

I came across an ATC squadron who had public credit for Air Ambulance support but it seems that it was a Cadet ‘Community project’ and it is not entirely clear that they had made it clear to the public what they were doing.

These options of visible support for other charities are not necessarily within the jurisdiction of the Civcom. Why should the Treasurer need to be involved when the monies collected do not constitute non public funds under ACP10/11. So why should should monies have to be processed through the Civcom bank account.

It also brings into question whether use of GPF funds (via PIPE approval) for Cadet Insurance is appropriate when a) it is was not an ACO activity and b) the fundraising was not for the benefit of the ATC.

The Government has created a separate Fundraising Regulator which the ACO appears yet to acknowledge.

As a Civilian Committee I always believed the intent was to benefit Cadets with support to enable Cadet activity, not to support another Charity even though there may be certain parental links.

If you have so much money then why consider giving it away, would it not be better to consider reducing subscriptions - an obvious indirect benefits to Cadets.


how does this work when for instance the Squadron is assisting the local hospital with a summer fete with all proceeds going to the hospital?

the situation is there aren’t enough and who there are aren’t fit enough to set up the various stalls, gazebos and the like for the local town hospital (not A&E)
They call in the local ATC unit as a labour force and allow them to hold a stall at the event.

the event is raising much need funds for the hospital, yet the Cadets were in attendance via SMS approval despite only a public platform in the shape of a recruitment stand as a benefit…

this is just one example, i can think of a few more where the ATC unit i have been on has been a labour force assisting another charity…be that at a local fun run, airshow or other
if your taking the view that insurance isn’t valid because the financial benefit doesn’t go to those who but the effort in then that would change the face of ATC community work nationwide


I’d ignore him in the main. He spouts off a lot but I’m yet to see any evidence for his claims.


I have yet to read anywhere that the ATC is a vehicle for the provision of cheap labour for any event; I have always believed in what the website claims - that it provides activities which offer challenge, excitement and adventure. There is also the bit about air minded young people…. .

Two things have changed since 1941;a) the RAFAC is not a recruiting platform for the RAF (website refers to times of war) and b) the RAF has shrunk to such an extent that opportunities to get up close and personal with an aircraft are now largely confined to Museums.

And excuse me, but other than the provision of facilities and uniform being funded by the Taxpayer, it is very clear that everything else comes from donors - in most instances parental subscriptions

Chapter one of ACP11 clearly states the purpose and objectives of the organisation which derive from the Royal Warrant, but nothing about fundraising.

Unlike the MSSC, the RAFAC does not get an MOD Grant in Aid, and therefore what is not covered by central funding, has to be met by the Civilian Committee, who’s purpose is to raise, manage and apply those funds to meet the requirements of the Royal Warrant.

One cannot count Wings as being a significant part of this process as they just seem to soak up some of Squadron funds, but do not openly make it known how they spend the money - they then deem themselves unaccountable to the original donors. There is one case of a Wing having a quantity of PCs donated by a major IT provider, and Squadron Committees were then expected to part with money if they wanted one of these machines.

I agree that the more money you have, the more can be achieved, and that is then down the availability of sufficient CFAVs; it is somewhat sad when one hears about thousands of pounds being raised through grants etc and being used in line with the application to Awards for All, only to find that the ATC is so appalingly bad at man management, that there is an exodus of staff such that all the kit provided for the benefit of Cadets, now sits unused. If this was tax payers funding igt wouold be subject to investigation, but not with the ACO where no-one is held accountable.

Incubus is correct, in his reference to RAFA, the purpose and intent has been identified, but as I said HQAC has yet to appreciate that they need Fundraising guidelines.

And in response to those who want me to quote specifics, I think that this is hardly the forum -


this FOI dates from 2011 and shows that the ACMB has been in existence since 2011, that it is monitoring social media, making it much easier to control and project a positive image.


i am not sure you have answered my question…

in fact i am sure you have not provided an answer to my question…


I think that the answer is “Do what you think is right”. If you are fundraising, you must be clear where the funds are going, otherwise that could be fraud!!
If you are assisting in your community for a raised profile, this is a decision your unit makes.
My unit assists in car parking for our local fireworks display (all covered by paperwork!) and we get the use of a room for our Annual Awards night! Quid pro quo, but no monetary benefit!