How under pressure do uniformed staff feel they are from their ‘highers’ to take part/facilitate the RAF 100 stuff?

If you said ‘nah, I’m washing my hair’, or ‘my cadets aren’t interested, so we won’t be going’, or even ‘we’ve got a AT weekend book and we’ll do that instead…’, what would the fall out be, rather than the sweaty reply?

That could be the best answer to all this!

It’s only 100 years. You bunch of sprogs. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

And if you think about it, we could axe the RAF and save a fortune.

Contract out the heavy lift stuff. Beef up the fleet air arm and the Army air corps. At least those lads know how to fly with a bit of tactical knowledge instead of sitting on the deck like a bullet magnet and throwing a wobbly because lads don’t have seatbelts on.

RAF Regiment is just glorified infantry. Get rid of them. They already gave Rapier to the Royal Artillery. No point in them existing.

There we go, saved a fortune.

What you saved in money you’d lose in style, panache and hygiene though.


No mate, that’s the Cav.

What the RAF brings is a re-inforcement of what all Gentlemen have long known, which is that man-made fibres are not something a Gentleman would wear.

How are those plastic grey slip-ons and white nylon socks?

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Not heard much about it yet to be honest, it must have snuck up on them!

I doubt my CoC would have an issue if we had other activities in the diary. If no cadets were at all interested and we had no interest it might raise a few eyebrows. (I would always advertise such things and I’m sure I’d have cadets want to do it).

As for staff involvement I’m sure there will be enough of the “Look at me” crowd who would love to stand at the front of the parade that no one will notice those of us who aren’t playing.


We are having a parade… I’m going to leave that to the Legions of staff that love hob nobbing and shouty marchy stuff and spend some quality time with family instead.

Wing have got some RAF100 exped funding though. That’s more my scene. And, despite advertising for staff to step up and come away for what is essentially and easy week of AT somewhere warm and sunny - all for less than a week in Centre parks - we have far fewer volunteers than the RAF100 parade.


I would have thought 100 years since Armistice would be far more worthy?


I’ve already split the topic because of thread drift. Please stay on target.

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Interestingly, we had Comdt at a local Wing event of ours and she said it’s ok to say no. She doesn’t want us all to overdo it, if we can help then great, but a lot of requests are coming in with very short notice and she didn’t want us to break our backs on it.

Last year I felt there was a lot of pressure to come up with an idea on how we were going to celebrate, but after hearing that from her I feel slightly more at ease.


It’s not the Comdt that we need to worry about. It’s the sycophantic, OBE-chasing Wg Cdr’s who have the bright ideas. :fearful:


I’m not sure our Wg Cdr has any idea on how to fill the latest OC Vacancy let alone something for RAF 100


My comparison, RAF100 seems like the quick win… lets give that 98% of my time and energy!!!


It’s not our celebration. I’m pretty certain the RAF can manage without us.

This is like being told you have to go to the party of relative that you might see once in a blue moon.

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More like the aunt who has just written you out of her will and who now wants you to organise her birthday party.

The big FO…


A birthday party that she isn’t even going to show up to…


Eh? have you seen how much polyester is in our shirts?

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Now Now, come one, of course the answer is known. SNCOS will be the new OC

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And WEXOS! :smiley:

Totally agree about the manmade fibres. I’ve still not found a source of cotton RAF shirts - only polycotton.

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