RAF Work Experience

Is there any uniformed RAF work experience available? Or is it all just civvies based.


The RAF Regiment offer a ‘Work Experience’ week in the summer, providing an insight to the the RAF Regiment Gunner role. The applications for this year have closed. Minimum age is 16.

Cheers, I was thinking more sort of general station work ex. Someone from my squadron went on work experience to Leeming but I’m not sure what he got up to.

That’s not what I asked though…

I think it depends on the station. RAF Wittering do - there is a contact on their station Web page.

Brilliant cheers. That might be the case for other stations. I’ll have a look

The last cadet we had do work experience like you talk about was 11/12 years ago.

As you are under 16 the section will need to have someone where you are intending to work who is DBS cleared and ensure that they are available for the duration of your stay. Given workplace insurances, training, qualifications etc, what you will be able to do will be extremely limited.
When we had work experience kids from Yr10 and they did work, a couple who thought they would be dossing from school for 2 weeks, lasted 2 days. We used to see lived near to them and brought them in and took them home (even though they were given money for bus fares) and for those that did the 2 weeks we had a whip round, so most of them walked away with £40-£50 When CRB requirements was brought in, we stopped, the company wasn’t prepared to pay for it.

Accommodation is another problem. As you are under 18 and unsupervised it is unlikely you will accommodated on the station so will have to find somewhere to live and be able to get to and from the station. Which “you” will have to pay for. I’m not sure if hotels, B&B etc will take a lone minor.

The cadet we had do it, was lucky in that the place they went was able to take them and had a relation who was prepared to put them up and lived close enough to take them back and forth.

It is essential that you know what you want to get from it.

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Thanks a lot. I’ll speak to my OC

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