RAF Wittering

Having been to RAF Wittering in the summer last year it was an amazing camp.
Activities we did were;
RAF Regiment Training and exercises
Visits to ATC, Fire Dept, Bomb Disposal.
Team Building exercises
Trust exercises
High Ropes Course
Drill Competition

It was a really good week.

where were you accommodated? I’m off to camp there this year.

When I was there (2008?) we were in the portacabins on the far side of the airfield.

It may have changed since the base went defunct.

I attended camp last year at RAF Wittering, the accommodation, in reply to your question, is in permanent accommodation buildings with Two cadets to a room, it’s around a 2 minute march from the JRM (great food!) and directly opposite the Gym + Bowling Alley.


thanks for the info

Thats an upgrade since i was there. We were in portacabins at the far side next to the runway.

Upgrade is due to the fact that the new StatCO hated ‘Charlie South’ (The old portacabins, on one of the dispersal areas - hence the name) and had a spare block - which I think is now officially cadet accomodation. Makes the camp a lot easier as before it was a 10 min march to get ANYWHERE. Food is very good, and there’s quite a good little Harrier museum thingy there now as well - just a shame there’s no harriers any more…

Off there soon, the programme looks interesting. Visits to Duxford and Mildenhall are included in the week. Will report once I am back.

Camps to Wittering will always be excellent camps but they lost their appeal when the Harrier moved on. On the horizon is massive change for RAF Wittering with 5 AEF, LUAS and CUAS both moving back there with the Tutor aircraft (does that still exist? LOL), Air Traffic being reopened to provide coverage through the centre of the UK and a major supply depot being opened there.

I didn’t think we could let cadets do Laserquest or bowling anymore. :wink:

I didn’t think we could let cadets do Laserquest or bowling anymore. ;)[/quote]

What about arms drill with laserquest weapons?

Liverpool UAS? :wink:

ULAS… :slight_smile:

Back from Wittering, the accom is a barrack block with the staff in the same block. We had visits to the fire section, BD (included a mine dection praticle), MT (cadets allowed to climb over the trucks), DCCT, Duxford and Mildenhall. The Mildenhall visit was very good. Police dog section visit and demo followed by a visit to the KC-135 squadron. This included a tour of the aircraft with cadets allowed to sit in the drivers seats and the boom operators position.

Laserquest was done one night and bowling another.Also had a night ex with the Reg which was good.

Only downside was the cold weather.

This really made me laugh. I was the SWO & ACLO when the Stn Cdr put his foot through the floor in the porta-cabins during an inspection in 2011. He told OC SS to give me the barrack block that was about to be mothballed, so that I could use it for the cadets. He was a former cadet, as I am. With the assistance of the DACLO, the Fire Safety Officer, the Barrack store (moving the beds and furniture), the accommodation manager, the SSHEA, the SEM Wg HQ Staff and local ATC Sqns, we had the block up and running for the 2011 Summer camps. I could go on, but up until the first lockdown, it was in use 50 weekends out of 52, for a array of cadet camps, events and courses. It was used by the CFAV cadre too, for their courses, when mess accommodation was tight and there were no cadets using it those weekends.


RAF Wittering was my first summer camp as a cadet.

Summer 1990 (I think!)

We were in 9x9s lined up in a field next to the outdoor swimming pool.

Amazing section visits, hoping around with the RAF Fire engines - a “proper” night ex (more like a game of British Bulldog between cadets against RAF Personnel including a few rock apes, but mostly clerical staff…)

A VERY happy happy Cadet Flight Sgt won a flight in the back seat of a Harrier T4… a lap around the British Isles and combat aerobatics meant a smile that he couldn’t shift for weeks!

Oh and informing a few gullible cadets that the water tower was actually for harrier pilots to practice mid air refuelling!