RAF warma medal

Hi all ,I’m going to my bronze road marching in a week at raf Cosford. It says we will get a medal . I was wondering if I could where it in my uniform and where to put it

You can’t wear it on your uniform, it’s just a nice thing to keep after.


As mentioned by Bob1 - you can’t wear the medal/s from Cosford with your uniform - but, provided they’ve got them in stock, you might be able to buy a Cosford Ribbon that you could put on your pack. These ribbons as well as the waterproof RAFWARMA song book are usually available to purchase at Cosford.

The song books are only about £8 each and can only be (easily) bought at either Cosford or Nijmegen.

If you are enjoying RM, you could make a display of your medals - many cadets and staff have impressive collections of mounted medals from various events.

You’ll have trained hard and given it a lot of effort, it’s right to be proud of your efforts and want to show it off. Good luck!


I remember the days when I was a cadet, where you were allowed to wear the Nijmegen medal ribbon above the right breast pocket of your No.1 jacket (if you had one) or your battledress tunic. On Wing parades, you were allowed to wear the medal itself.


Must’ve been a crazy time - especially certain CFAVs having to deal with being on parade with Cadets with a medal while they do not. :grin:

I did wear my medal immediately after completing Nijmegen and my photo ended up in the local newspaper - certain staff were not happy with that e.g. “Not in regs” “You’re representing the Corps in incorrect uniform” - I add these staff members had never done Nijmegen…

Don’t think it really matters… The HQ media team were posting pictures of cadets finishing Ten Tors with beret but no uniform. It might not be to the regs, but it’s good representation :man_shrugging:


I think cadets should be able to wear them - it show’s the big effort they have made


This is one of those AT events/ similar where there’s more accepted tradition than ‘the rules say this’ though

We’ve had dispensation from following the RAF rules on things like haircuts, I don’t see why the rules shouldn’t be changed further to allow cadets to wear their achievements too. There aren’t many ways to earn a medal as a cadet and the Road Marching events take serious effort and resilience.

They already can?
They get a shiny silver road marching badge.

Not quite…they were lined up to adopt the same regs. We were just in place to pull the trigger first

A badge is not a medal.

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Again an oversight on RAFAC’s part of preventing cadets from taking pride and showing off their efforts - and more importantly, their success.

Personally, I think the medal would have been overkill, but the ribbon would have been a nice touch.

(It comes back to British Forces being prevented wearing medals issued / presented by other nations, if not mistaken)