RAF trousers - custom size

Question for the group.

We have a cadet who is bigger than the bigger available size of RAF No.2 trousers. Anyone know of a tailor or company that make custom sized versions to avoid the lengthy wait for special order through MOD sources - family prepared to pay.

Tried Turner & Virr?

Aye, can only see no.1 and no.5 trousers

A bummer… I’ll have a ask around. Local stores might be able to point you in the right direction

You’ve probably looked at this already but you can get any seamstress/tailor to let out the issue trousers by around 3” if it’s just a few more inches you need, there’s enough extra fabric. Not that I’ve had to do that or anything :shushing_face:

Largest issue are 108cm (42.5”) so should manage to let out up to around 115cm (45.5”).