RAF Space Operator Badge

So the first Space Operator Badges were issued last week. Interesting that an SAC was one of those awarded one. I wonder if this is the lowest rank entitled to wear a ‘brevet’? Are there any Parachute Jump Instructors at SAC rank ?

A lot of very unhappy people on social media about these people getting a brevet/badge when they’ve probably never left the ground.

The irony of us no longer being the spaceys is something! :joy: I have seen many comments on social media referring to space cadets.


When will the blue, bronze, silver and gold versions appear then :wink:


According to Wikipedia, there are brevets for “Airborne Technician” and “Airborne Image Analyst” - both of which are JR trades afaiu

Maximum reliability right there!


yes, but I also verified with other sites.

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Whatever next? A brevet for passing a fitness test?

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Blue - draw a picture of a rocket, plan a mission to low earth orbit…

Bronze - send up a weather balloon with a camera / sqn mascot…

Silver - go to low earth orbit line Branson / Bezos

Good - field trip to ISS…?


back in the 1900’s when I was a Cadet, it’s often the go to insult when I was silly enough to walk 3 miles to Sqn in uniform :grimacing:


Not once in many decades have I ever heard this ‘space cadet’ joke. Only referenced by others.

Must be a London thing??

I’m from the North and was referred to as one during my initial kitting.

was definitely a thing when I was a cadet, not in London either

I only have had this recently from a friend that works as a police officer - she’s the only one to call it that so far… Unfortunately my partner has latched onto it though. :expressionless:

I tried my best to go down the “well, now you mention it we do have a space syllabus…” but I got abuse in return… :sweat_smile: :joy: :joy:

IOT Cranwell 1985
RAF Reg FS divided us into 3 groups
‘Ex Airmen, University types, Space Cadets’

100% correct thats-funny

what if you were all 3?! :exploding_head:


i recall
Space Cadets

I am pretty sure i remember “pigeon” being used too…possibly as “pigeon cadets”

Yeah, the local ACF call us ‘Pigeons’ too. Apparently calling us ‘Petrol Pigeon’ is the equivalent of us calling them ‘pongos’.

that was it!!
Petrol pigeons! I knew there was some nickname which included it…

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