RAF Photographic Competition

So I’ve just had a read through the DIN for the RAF photographic competition. Just thought while we wait months until this gets disseminated out for everyone I’d share the categories that cadets/CFAV can enter so that people can start thinking about their entries!

Category A - Personnel

A single image of Service personnel (including Regulars, Reserves, Cadets, Contractors, Civil Servants and Veterans). Images included in this category should be of personnel working within the RAF and illustrate the subject(s) in a work, sporting, recreational or social environment, reflecting a positive Service theme and can be taken either in the studio or an environmental context. Personnel may enter a maximum of five separate single prints in this category

Category G - The Amateur Category.

Open to all amateur photographers, including members of the general public, service dependents, families and ATC/CCF cadets. Judges will be looking for high quality photographs that can be used to promote the RAF across traditional and social media channels. This category may be entered multiple times, but entrants must be aware of the judge’s criteria for “QUALITY over QUANTITY”.

Category I - Current RAF Equipment

A single photograph that depicts RAF equipment. Images may include personnel, but RAF specialist equipment (aircraft, vehicles, weaponry, uniforms and accessories etc) is to be the main feature of the photograph. This can include macro/micro images of specific items of technical interest. Personnel may enter a maximum of five separate single prints in this category.

All photographs entered in the Competition must have been taken during the period 22 Oct 22 to 13 Oct 23. Photographs taken before or after this period are not eligible. All entries are to arrive at the address below, no later than 20 Oct 23. No entries will be accepted after this date.

Loads of time to get thinking! I’m not going to post the actual entry details as I’m not 100% sure they want that fully publicized!

I do wish there was a specific ‘Cadets’ category. There certainly used to be!


Anyone got a 12x12 that needs set on fire? Asking for a friend


Someone submitting this would make my year I think.

They want a picture of RAF equipment not of the state of Defence in the UK.

Wonder if in Category A a nice photograph of someone flying in a RAFSA aircraft, as a sporting activity, would get through…?