RAF Pace Stick Colour

I have heard from some people that the RAF has a spesific designated racer pace stick (but no one knows that colour). I have also heard that it does not matter and you can get any one you want. Is there a correct colour of can I get any colour I want ?

Could someone also tell me how I would choose the size and if there is any better place to get one than cadet direct.

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Sticks are traditionally rosewood or light mahogany. There is no prescribed colour though in ACP1358, other than reference to these traditional colours. When measuring, the stick should come up to your hip bone when wearing your boots/shoes. Dancraft are a good place to get your stick.

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I thought everyone got their pace sticks from Dancraft?

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Yeah they are the approved supplier.

I recently purchased a new one and wanted Dark Oak and found ACP1358 a bit vague so checked AP1358 where its slightly more prescriptive of light oak or rosewood only.

"The pace stick is not to be altered or defaced in any way that results in a deviation from the original pattern but it can be stained either rosewood or light mahogany. "

I interperate the line about painted as the avaliable black ones arent permitted.

ACP 1358 Para 0128 is your friend - should be rosewood or light mahogany. Probably worth clarifying that only adult SNCOs and WOs who have completed the RAFAC Drill Instructors Course are permitted to carry pace sticks and then only when employed on DI duties (unless Wing/Region Warrant Officer).


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Thank you all of your help, I will speak to one of my in real life people and get is opinion as well. This has all really help and I will re-evaluative buying one for the time being.

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In all seriousness if youre not eligible to actually carry one dont bother an…theyre expensive and get in the way


Where’s this bit come from? I can see WO RAFAC and RWOs can carry a cane iaw ACP1358, but I can’t see anything about WWOs carrying a pace stick when not instructing drill?

HQAC have been specific pace sticks are a teaching tool and can only be carried when instructing drill and if acting as a Parade WO. They are not seen as a badge of office.

Albeit the latter bit was promulgated verbally

Umbrellas are cheaper and you can do 90% of the stuff DIs use the compasses for with them.


We have a member of staff who is not a DI, yet for some reason thinks he is, and uses a broom handle.
Which they conveniently hide whenever any one comes to visit…

I’d not heard this, where did it get promulgated as far as?

So. There used to be a line in ACP1358C that allowed WWOs to carry pace sticks whilst actioning their duties, this got removed a couple of years ago. Some uproar happened and that was the messaging at the noise it created

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Reviewed my notes removed in V4 and briefed out at the 2022 Senior WO Conference

So the update now is for instructional duties and Parade WO duties?


Will that be included in the next ACP1358 update?

Probably not. Id recommend asking through your CoC.

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Again, get him an umbrella. They’re allowed under dress regs as long as it’s not a formal parade!

Excluding the parade WO details, that seems to be what’s in 1358 anyway?