RAF Northolt Summer Camp

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone had ever been to camp at Northolt and if so what’s it like? (Accommodation, Food, Activties etc.)
Any comments would be much appreciated!

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Not been on camp but having visited Northolt and been on work experience there for a week, mess food is quite good even visiting during the olympics when there wasn’t even proper cutlery. Accomodation I’m not sure about becuase they stopped camps there due to lack of accomodation, I’ll check if someone knows.

Thanks, much appreciated!

When I did a camp there it was transit accommodation, which was good standard.

Food was all ranks mess. Couldn’t grumble.

Queens Colour Sqn very accommodating.

Being close to London plenty to do in easy reach.

Any more gen on Northolt out there? Definitely going now so anything is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Well we’re off tomorrow so I’ll let you know when I get back!

Just returned.

Superb accommodation in the transit block with ensuite bathrooms. Food is standard JRM fare.
Despite being a small station there was still lots to do and if you get a chance to visit the VIP lounges, the Polish lounge in particular, I would highly recommend you do so.
ATC were also very accommodating despite being on minimal manning and the tower effectively being a building site. QCS was also a good visit although their DVD did very nearly send everyone to sleep.
We also had a visit to Odiham (no flight though!) which was great, the armoury staff being particularly amusing.

Any questions feel free to ask!

And you had the added bonus of a pretty awesome downpour on Monday!

Ah yes! That was fun. We got rather soggy on the way back from the mess!

Bringing up an old topic.

Just had a peek at our summer camps and seem to have drawn St Athen & Northolt.

Been to St Athen before and was good but was debating going to Northolt instead.

Anyone know if much has changed (other that its got no runway whilst we are there) or if its still a decent camp?

Knowing St Athan well and having been to Northolt on camp I would elect to go to Northolt personally.

Can’t comment on what it’s like now but it was a good camp when I was there in 2014.


Unless you are in a barrack block. Accommodation could be a bit of a problem, the RAC has just closed along with 634AGS ans 2300 sqn.
The sqn and the ags will be moving to east camp but no news on rhe RAC.

This is referring to St Athan btw.

Annual Camps are usually accommodated in Mosquito block.

NHT will also be reducing flight operations (Apr - Sep?) when their runway is resurfaced + the installation of the Engineered Materials Arresting System.

Helicopter flights will continue, fixed wing bolt-holing to Benson.