RAF Kirknewtown

Hey guys, have agreed to take cadets to gliding at RAF Kirknewton, was just wondering, has anyone been/stayed at the accommodation there?

If so some questions…

Are the beds king or super king size?

Are the pillows duck down feathered?

Little mints on the pillow at night?

What’s the spa like?

Seriously though what’s it like?


Actually, this is a thing… or it was last time I went!

… come to think of it, the large rat we had boiled in the morning for breakfast might have been responsible…


I thought overnight staying at Kirknewton is still restricted due the scottish executive legislation?

Plan for a night at garelochead and anything else is a bonus!

When last there it was basic, very basic

Drop the VGS team a line, they’re a friendly bunch there and will be happy to talk you through it all!