RAF Halton?

I will soon be departing for a week in RAF Halton. Can anyone give me any ideas on what kind of activities will be going on (bearing in mind, this is not a flying station, except VGS)?



I have heard a rumour, unsubstantiated, that there MIGHT be some training going on there?

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I was there a couple of years ago for an Easter camp, things may have changed now. The cadets were accommodated in the RTS as were the staff (in an overflow block). Activities included visits to the RAF police dog section, catering school, supply school, the RAF museum at Hendon. There was also shooting, high ropes and the trenches, one afternoon was spent in Wendover woods and a morning doing sport and some drill (3-4 sessions). If I recall, we also went bowling on one evening and had a fairly good night ex arranged and conducted by the Regiment chaps with recruits assisting (as terrorists). We did manage to get some cadets gliding, but that was more luck than planned.
One pain was having to go from the RTS to the airmens mess for meals as the cadets couldn’t use the RTS dining hall, nor could they ‘play’ outside the accom block in the evenings.
Food there wasn’t too bad, we were told the airmens mess had the best food, or should I say the better cooked food.

Flying be in Tutors at 6 AEF, you will be taken to RAF Benson for that