RAF Greatcoat

Hello, does anyone have any idea of the finish length of a Greatcoat, not sure if it’s to the knee, just below the knee r just above the knee?
Many thanks.

Like, the shin? It’s way below the knee.

Ignore the picture in AP1358C. Its not actually a real greatcoat anymore. It was, once, but it had been cut down and re-tailored to become an Officer’s ‘Warm’, with leather football buttons.

I know, because I was standing next to the guy who owns it in Smith’s when he bought it. (In fact, he posts on here occasionally, but I doubt has much occasion to wear it in his current job.)

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Thank, for the information.

Can you still get these?

I wouldn’t mind one of these, I feel the cold a lot …

They get in the way…never really keep you warm and then you become to hot

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I love mine in the winter. I wouldn’t be without it.
Many a bloody cold night waiting for a train home I’ve been wrapped up cosy and warm.


I’m very struck with these. I assume uniformed staff are allowed to wear them on duty?

Looks like a good investment to me

If you walk to a unit and/or spend time waiting around on draughty station platforms as I do they’re great.
But they are very warm. If it’s not particularly cold or you’re not outside much you may not use it.

Sounds good to me, I’m a bit of a wimp in the cold (and I get a touch of asthma).

And as an added bonus in the rain they get that nice “wet wool” smell :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s lovely… Like felting hats.

I always thought it smelt like wet dog

Where can they be bought. In the correct pattern?

Best bit of uniform I had for parades, inspections, stn duty officer duties, etc.


I don’t think the pattern has changed in forever, your competition however will be the Captain Jack Harness Torchwood Cosplayers putting up the prices.


I’ve always wondered if you could get away with wearing one of the cosplay prop jackets. The main thing is the buttons; have the makers bothered with actual ones?

Hemline for a proper full-length greatcoat is officially meant to be a standard 14" / 35cm from the ground.

Hemline for a Officers’ greatcoat that’s been tailored-down into being a ‘British Warm’ is much higher, (which is actually the alternative much-rarer pattern shown in AP1358C). It’s usually just knee-length, and no more, for the hem on the ‘Warm’ (and, it has all the rear frock-belt/ tail-pleat/sword-sweep removed, as well as the lining).

On the British Warm version, it’s always meant to be leather buttons (never brass or anodised, which are the standard on both the Offrs’ & ORs’ greatcoats).

There has never been an OR’s version of the ‘British Warm’ : that’s a WO/Offrs’-only option, across all service branches of the British military…ORs only wear full-length greatcoats.