RAF Greatcoat

Hello, does anyone have any idea of the finish length of a Greatcoat, not sure if it’s to the knee, just below the knee r just above the knee?
Many thanks.

Like, the shin? It’s way below the knee.

Ignore the picture in AP1358C. Its not actually a real greatcoat anymore. It was, once, but it had been cut down and re-tailored to become an Officer’s ‘Warm’, with leather football buttons.

I know, because I was standing next to the guy who owns it in Smith’s when he bought it. (In fact, he posts on here occasionally, but I doubt has much occasion to wear it in his current job.)

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Thank, for the information.

This might give you some idea.

Can you still get these?

I wouldn’t mind one of these, I feel the cold a lot …

They get in the way…never really keep you warm and then you become to hot

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I love mine in the winter. I wouldn’t be without it.
Many a bloody cold night waiting for a train home I’ve been wrapped up cosy and warm.


I’m very struck with these. I assume uniformed staff are allowed to wear them on duty?

Not on ceremonial duties.

Not issued to RAFAC
(Optional) for Officers/WO & SNCO RAFAC through private purchase. Not to be worn on ceremonial

Looks like a good investment to me

If you walk to a unit and/or spend time waiting around on draughty station platforms as I do they’re great.
But they are very warm. If it’s not particularly cold or you’re not outside much you may not use it.

They can be very warm. When I have worn my army greatcoat on ceremonial duties I do not wear a jacket underneath because it is very tight fitting and becomes very warm…

Sounds good to me, I’m a bit of a wimp in the cold (and I get a touch of asthma).

And as an added bonus in the rain they get that nice “wet wool” smell :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s lovely… Like felting hats.

I always thought it smelt like wet dog

Where can they be bought. In the correct pattern?

Best bit of uniform I had for parades, inspections, stn duty officer duties, etc.