Radio Supervision requirements

Out of curiosity, what are the supervision requirements for various levels of radio badge? Can bronze cadets supervise blue and so on? Thanks

One of the powerpoints says acto 73 refers to this, can anyone explain?

It means read ACTO73, which is the document that details it all.
The simple answer is yes.

I think he means can someone explain the contents of it because they don’t have access?


Where the communications ACPs or this ACTO refer to levels of supervision or competency, the following apply.

  1. A Cadet Radio Operator (Bronze badge) or higher can supervise the operating of a Basic Radio Operator cadet (Blue badge).

  2. Any member of RAFAC, Staff or Cadet, can teach 1st Class Basic Radio Communications if following the standardised training material.

  3. Any member of RAFAC can assess a cadet for the Basic Radio Operator (Blue) award if accredited by a WRCO, if that authority has been delegated to them by the RRCO.

  4. Instructors and assessors for the Radio Operator (Bronze) award must be accredited by the RRCO or the WRCO, if that authority has been delegated to them by the RRCO.

  5. Instructors and assessors for the voice procedure section of the Communicator (Silver) award must be accredited by the RRCO.

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Let’s not forget this para “Cadets and staff using radios for any purpose must be trained to at least Basic Radio Operator level and follow military protocols, callsigns and security rules at all times. See ACP45”

No, let’s forget it: it has nothing to do with supervision requirements.

Just realised it says “can supervise the operating of a BRC cadet”, does this mean blue badge holders MUST be supervised by bronze?

no…“can be”

it means Bronze can superviser Blue operation


blue must be supervised by Bronze

It does say where the Radio ACPs/ACTO refer to supervision, so I assume what cdtjohn is asking is do they refer to the need to supervise BRCs elsewhere?

Blue badge holders must be supervised, but not necessarily just by Bronze holders. Bronze or above.

ACP44, Ch2, Para 14a details who may operate on RAFAC-assigned frequencies. sub-para (1) says “A Cadet holding a Basic Radio Operator Qualification operating under supervision.”

which is open to interpretation - close supervision, sat next to them? remote supervision - at the other end of the airfield/exercise area?

I would interpret it as “on the net”.

For HF and guff like that, probably sitting in a chair beside them and helping, but for practical radio exercises on short-range kit then a more remote supervision is really the only way.

A lot of the radio stuff seems written on the assumption that it will be a HF network passing invented traffic for practice though.

seconded - that is real practical application and how I have acted in all my time.
Radio exercise on Sqn - crack on if you’ve been trained
Weekend event, be it Sqn exercise, Town fun-run or Roundtable fete traffic marshals - crack on.
HF or organised radio competition/exercise be it Wing or National - we’re working on the base station we work together