Radio prowords?

I’m about to do a bronze radio course at my sqn, does anyone have a list of prowords from the ACP with explanations? I want to prepair but i’m also quite interested

There is an aide memoire but some of the radio info is restricted so I won’t post it here. Can you ask your Sqn staff?

I’m not at my sqn till the course so i cant

I dont suppose you could tell me what the following mean - these are the ones im interested in:
roger so far
ok so far
do not answer (different from out?)

all are taught as part of the Bronze course - but doing homework you are complete the course with no advantage but being able to answer the question when asked…

cdtjohn12 the best prep you can do for this course is go over your notes from your Blue radio training, especially the operating procedure parts.

You should then sail through the revision part of the course, and focus on the new material…

I wonder if we are on the same course. I’m instructing on one coming up in April :-).

Don’t worry, the slide deck used and the time allocated will be more than enough time for you to know all the prowords. As previously said, revisit everything you did for blue and you will have no problems.

A lot of cadets tend to overthink what is required for Bronze but the course is such that you cover everything and even recap on blue.

It’s hard for everyone to comment on the actual prowords as, technically they shouldn’t be advertised, and anyone can have an account on here.

Prowords aren’t really private, They are quite common amongst organisations and you can probably google ACP125 and get most of the NATO voice procedures.

Callsigns and authentications are more sensitive and shouldn’t be made public.