Radio Exercise Maps

Many moons ago, although I cannot see it in the archives I managed to download 3 maps for radio exercises. They were basic but pretty perfect for their job.

One was a full map of all details. The others were half maps of the full map with different details missing from each.

Would anybody know where I might have these or have copies they might be able to let me have?

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These any use?




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Those are the chappies. You star!

Many thanks

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You’re welcome!

I know this is an old thread, but could somebody elaborate on how these maps are intended to be used?
Does team 1 and team 2 attempt to piece together the whole map by comms? Is there some
way of pitching the two teams up against each other? It’s always better if you can get some competition
going! Thanks.

Yes, the two halves must work together - but if you want competition just have two teams with two radios each (on different freqs) and whoever gets the most accurate map wins!

10 years later… Does anyone still have these maps?