Radio courses

Can we at squadrons teach any of the blue and bronze radio courses and award badges for it? or must they attend a wing course to do this?

Blue Radio is expected to be taught on squadron, as part of First Class Basic Radio Comms.
To Assess The voice procedures for Blue Radio one of your staff members should talk to your Wing Radio Officer. Cadets can also assess the voice procedures if they’ve passed their Bronze Radio and have approval from the Wing Radio Officer.



Bronze can also be conducted “on Squadron” if the Staff are approved by the Wing Radio Officer as a Bronze level assessor - however i believe there is an expectation that the assessor and instructor are different, so best practice is to have two staff minimum and the course split in two - those taught by instructor 1 are assessed by instructor 2 and vice versa - hence why Bronze tends to be completed at a Wing level (or at the very least multi-unit collaboration)

Here’s a short summary of who can deliver what:

First Class Cadet: anyone can teach as long as they use the approved materials. Assessment per First Class Log Book.

Blue: anyone can teach, but assessors need to be approved by the Wing Radio Officer.

Bronze: instructors and assessors need to be approved by the Region Radio Officer, but that can be delegated to Wing radio officers.

Silver: must be approved by Region

Cadet instructors: can assess and teach one level down from their own qualification, but must be approved by the Wing Radio Officer.

It is not stated but instructors really should have MOI.

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