Radio Course


Hello I have a radio course coming up (my first one) and I was wondering if there is any material or documents that I can read to maybe get to know what I will expect to be learning when im there if this makes sense.


the short version is no

the longer answer is - if this is your first course i predict this will be a blue course - as such you’ll be expected to be a complete beginner.
it is however expected that you’ll have “first class” radio knowledge and so a basic understanding of the phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta…Wun, Too, Three…etc) will certainly help for the practical side of things.

the rest you’ll be taught as part of the training. Anything you could read will spoil the course for you - the blue course is the Basic Radio Operator - and so you’ll leave with a basic radio knowledge and understanding.

go along, have fun and enjoy it!


If there was anything you need to know they’d have told you in advance. Despite that, learning the phonetic alphabet as steve679 says would definitely help.


First, don’t sweat about it!
You’ll be taught all you need and should be given all the practice you require during the course.
If you have the time review your First Class Radio module, that will go over the basics again, and you’ll help yourself if you nail that phonetic alphabet.
The rest will be taught to you.

Most importantly enjoy it, don’t whisper into the mike (sound confident even if you don’t feel it!)
… and don’t try to lick the batteries!