Radio blue badge camp

Hi , I am thinking of bidding for a place on a blue badge radio camp and was just wondering what kind of activities you do there

Blue radio is normally taught in a day or as an add on to First Class, so ask your staff which other activities are planned


If it is a one day course - blue radio is all about basic radio comms.

There’ll be exercises and games designed to give you confidence using handheld radios within the RAFAC.

Blue radio is typically taught along with your first class, though is optional to actually go for the badge as there is only a little section of the first class booklet dedicated to it.

I might be a bit biased but radios are quite an interesting topic and are all around us today, if you’re interested in computing or electronics aswell it’s a good thing to research (WiFi itself is in essense radio).

Blues is very fundamental and is mostly just getting your hands on a radio handset and learning the voice procedure, but as you go up the badges you learn more and more about the inner workings of a radio.