Quiz Questions - A plea for help

Hello all.

I’m putting together a massive pool of a quiz questions to be used in a “Blockbusters” style game which I hope to bring out as semi-regular filler activity.
Obviously I need a vast collection of questions and answers (to avoid reuse) for much of the alphabet and I’m going for anything with any form of RAFAC/Military/Aircraft/&c connection.

Here’s where I ask for your help in cutting the prep time down a bit and in giving my imagination a bit of a rest…
If you have a series of quiz questions you’d be happy to share I’d be very grateful to receive them.

In the spirit of comradery I’ll share my list once I’ve compiled it for anyone else to use.

Thanks all.

I have one in a pre-built quiz that’s a mix of general knowledge and air rec (ie, “In Greek mythology, who was the son of Zeus?” and show a picture of a Hercules). If you pm me an email address I’ll share the Google slides presentation with you, but it’s 27mb so I can’t send the thing itself.

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gmx.co.uk - can send large (50Mb?) attachments, or via a Dropbox link?

Upload on here?

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Always gone for WeTransfer myself, not that it’s strictly relevant.

At the end of every chapter in the old aviation training ACPs (ACP31-35) are a page of multiple choice questions. Answers in the instructor guide in the back of the books.

The old Staff Cadet ACP42 includes a whole load of generic ATC questions too.

You can Google for these ACPs, they’re not on RAFAC Key documents.

Feel free to pick and mix/get ideas/use some of the questions in the Kahoots I made for first class training.

I don’t have upload rights here, but I’ve re-formatted the thing and it’s only 3mb now, so ping me an email address and it’s yours.

Thanks very much guys.
Please keep them coming if you’ve got them.