Quick question

Hello, former air cadet here.

I would be interested in joining as a Civilian. When I was 17 I was removed for fighting with my best friend at the time. Although I was very eager and did a lot for the ati and gave back as much as the gave me (spending 6 hours per week in preparation for drill competitions etc, going on wing activities and camps). Would my application get sent back from where it came from? As my logbook was signed so I am sure there is record of it.

It depends on a lot of things. How old were you at the time, how old you are now, whether it ever went any further (we’re the police involved etc).

I was 17, I’m 24 now. No they weren’t. But I’m pretty sure the c/o at the time took it the whole way up the line of command. The wing commander was certainly involved and possibly the region commander. I’ve grown up a lot since and should be soon qualifying as a chartered accountant. So I personally don’t see myself as a threat, He was my best mate and Boys at that age do those things( there was personal issues but I can compartmentalise my problems and deal with them now). The police were not involinvolved nO. Also personal issues at home didn’t help, I’m sure I had a mental disorder that I wasn’t aware of, but I moved country as soon as my a level results were through the door. And haven’t looked back since. Not sure they would take any of this into consideration though.

i would imagine the big issue is going to be personalities - is it the same Sqn/Wng/Region - are the same people in place?

if the Sqn you’re thinking of joining has no connection with the one you left, then you might be on better ground - always a good sign of maturity if someone your age has moved away from their hometown.

Yes, it’s all the same. I’m near sure my c/o is now wing commander… I know they were sqn ldr then moved up soon after I left. Always seemed to clash personalities thoug. I take it that there is no guidelines for this.


there probably are guidelines and appeals and processes and all that jazz, but if you want to join and either the Sqn OC or his Wing Co don’t want you then you’re on a hiding to nothing.

by all means test the water, its quite possible its all be forgotton about or dismissed as a youthful indiscretion - but it might not have been, and imv you’ll want to know asap. so if you’re dead set on finding out i’d pop down to the Sqn, explain the situation (all of it), and the OC will speak to the WC within a few days - then you’ll have your answer.

personally i’d be very tempted to let sleeping dogs lie, i’d look at either another cadet/youth organisation or another wing and look on it as starting a new chapter rather than revisiting old wounds.

Looking at his pragmatically. You were 17 when the ‘incident’ happened, you are now 24, so (hopefully) more grown up and have now seen the errors of your ways. In didn’t include the police so nothing on DBS checks. As a CI you are attached to a sqn, therefore interviewed by OC Sqn and WSO; OC Wing will find out but there is nothing for him/her to stop you from joining; if there is you challenge.

Go for it; the ACO is always saying we are short of staff…