Quick question regarding a course


What are the requirements for the safe guarding course? Is a certain rank required, certain age? Or is there certain courses I need to do?


I guess you are referring to the HQAC one?

There was a real mix on the one I did from CIs to Wing Commanders and WEXOs.


Everyone over the age of 18 should have completed one - staff and cadets alike.


Just the simple, AVIP-based one. Not the ATF-ran CP (safeguarding) course for the “specialists.”


Ohhh, sorry. Misunderstood the question. To be honest I wasn’t even aware there was a higher level course.


Thanks for the fast response! All useful information


There is another HQAC course that’s not by ATF but the child protection officer. It can be done away from Cranwell I did mine at Leuchars on a Saturday

As suggested it was full of various staff from CIs to WingCo’s

If the OP could tell us their age and role we can perhaps Advise more accurately.


15 going on 16
Still a CDT just heard about the course and was wondering because I hadn’t seen any syllabus for it around


You really don’t need to worry about these courses until you are turning 18 by which time if your CO is recommending you for service as a staff cadet you will be booked onto an AVIP course.

It’s not like PTS or classification training once you hit a set point it’s required for you to stay in the corps hence no posters showing a syllabus or badges for it.


… WHAT!!!
I was told that AVIP gave me a badge! Even as staff. :joy::rofl::joy:


That may come soon…