Quick question about bullying on the squadron

I’m being bullied at the squadron by my flight ‘training flight’ and they are being very unmature,maybe because I’m in a higher grade to them but I’m not sure how to deal with these people and I’m getting enrolled soon and I am afraid I will not be able to get any friends and I’m equally afraid that I will not be able to pass my drill test and do parades…could anybody try and help please? I would appreciate it quite a lot,thank you.

Bullying of any form is not acceptable and your squadron staff will demonstrate that view. If you are nervous about taking to someone, pick a staff member that you feel you get along with (possibly a little difficult as your still new) but talk to them.

Staff are fair handed and will deal with things sensitively and then be able to be aware of things to deal with it.

I hope that makes sense and I hope it gets sorted.


Is there a Padre or Chaplain at your Squadron? If so they will be good to talk to.

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