Quick introduction

Just wanted to say Hello! Finished my cadet career in April after 7 years cadet service, couldn’t wait to return as a CI. Everything feels brand new, especially since I’m on a new SQN now as volunteer staff.

Would love to become Commissioned in the future, however for the time being I hope to gain as much experience as a CI whilst I complete my Nursing degree.

Hi there. Don’t become dragged down on here by the naysayers who will be along shortly to ridicule your plans. Sure, everything’s different these days - but if you listen to them you may as well set light to yourself. Not saying it’s all roses and sunny days, but you get my drift.

Anyway, hi!

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I shall try not to! Thank you for the welcome! :slight_smile:

Best of luck TS, hope it works out for you.

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Welcome. Get stuck in and I hope you find us useful

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Thank you, I’ll help where I can too :blush:

Friendly neighbourhood naysayer here. I have no problems with officers generally; however, it can be a very difficult role to take on early in life (and there certainly is a certain stigma attached to becoming an officer so young).

The Corps needs officers as much of it is stuck in a vicious cycle of not having enough officers to fulfil all of the roles, so many end up being fast-tracked and stuck with a large admin burden before they’re ready… so then very few people want to become officers.

I believe that regardless of long term plans, you need time to bed yourself in before taking on the responsibility of those VR(T) pins. Serve your time as a CI for sure, but if you’re around for a long time to come consider serving some time as an NCO before commissioning. You may even decide you don’t want to change.

Whatever you choose to do, best of luck.

Thank you, I will take your advice on board. I wouldn’t really want to become an NCO before Commissioning because it isn’t a stepping stone. They’re two completely different roles. I would like to think I could design the path that the cadets walk down rather than lead them down it. I do understand what you’re saying and I definitely intend to stay as CI for at least another few years to gain as much experience as possible.

You can always go up, but you can’t go down. It’s not for everyone, granted, but it’s experience - which you seem keen to gain - and a different experience than being a CI. You’re going to have your hands full with that nursing degree for the time being though, so best of luck with that.

NCOs often work somewhat differently than officers, and there’s a lot out there (of both) that don’t understand that. Some of the best officers I’ve known were once NCOs and then took the step up, either because they wanted to take a more managerial approach or for some other reason.

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Thank you, I do appreciate the advice :slight_smile: I will take it on board when deciding in the future.