QAIC Results

When do QAIC14 applicants get results back, due to JL22 getting results back recently and the courses running near enough side by side.

The two courses are run entirely separately. With no cross over I’m aware of. Just because JL selection results are out doesn’t mean QAIC are on the same timetable.

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Although with that said the application and initial skills test deadline for QAIC was October 03.

I’m afraid to say if you haven’t heard anything then you are likely not successful.

You can always get your squadron staff to check in with the relevant QAIC course or your Wing Aviation Officer.

although i cannot disagree, from a Cadet’s point of view and indeed my own, i cannot say why one course should or would take notably longer to offer results/course reports versus another. each are equally complex and detailed so feel it is a fair question even if the two not being in anyway linked is also true

Yeah, that’s fair. Did QAIC not announce a timetable for results?

saw something on you know youve been an air cadet about second phase selection happening this week or something along those lines.

Emails went out yesterday.