QAIC Required Content Knowledge

Hey all, I’ve been considering doing QAIC starting this year, but I’m worried about the content I need to know before starting, and the level of content we’ll be learning. If anyone has any idea of the things you’re initially tested on during the selection phase, and knowledge of the content during the actual course, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Any and all responses appreciated

We’ve had 2 guys on it in the past 2 years, I’ll ask them tonight and come back to you.

Having spoken to a local cadet from another sqn expect lots of classroom work around airpower and theory of flight, airframes etc. Also think of a good nick name for your grow bag otherwise they seem to think that giving children nicknames of appearance, regional/gender/racial stereo typing is a good idea.

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Could it all be learnt during the session, with revision at home, or is large amounts of prior knowledge required?

@GrandMaster_Flush cheers let me know what they say!

Knowing the guys from my place who went, aside from having gone through the normal cadet syllabus they didn’t have exceptional prior knowledge of ‘aircrafty’ things beforehand.

Part of pre-selection is an aerodynamics and general service knowledge online test.

If you go forward to selection there are group discussions, interviews, leadership tasks, five-minute presentations, flight sim test, air traffic sim test.

None of these should come as any surprise, clearly the online tests require some knowledge and the interview and presentation require some pre-planning. Everything else you should be able to turn out and do on the day. The ATC sim test is just to see how well you can pick it up not how good you are at the task as most people won’t have any experience at all.

You are taught everything you need to know but will need to do a fair bit of work at home.

Whilst you don’t need any prior knowledge on the whole you’ll find the course far more enjoyable if you do know a bit about Air Power, pilot studies, ATC, aerodynamics etc.

Aerodynamics is the only one where prior knowledge is a requisite as you’ll be expected to be familiar with the leading level aerodynamics classification stuff as you build from there to more advanced knowledge.

As one of the course requirements is have completed Master Air Cadet anyway you should have that knowledge.

I’m speaking here as a graduate of the course who returned as DS on following courses.

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Do you have a copy or a pack of the information I’d have to be aware of, or would it just be adding the master cadet syllabus? If so could you send a list of the topics I should know well off the master cadet syllabus please.


The course changes slightly from year to year and I unfortunately couldn’t be as involved as I wanted to be last year so not entirely sure what the exact knowledge you require will be.

Your best bet would be to peruse the website. If you choose to apply you’ll be told what you need to know.

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I asked my guys, but tbh, can’t add to what MRAR has posted.

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@MRAR @GrandMaster_Flush

Thanks for your replies guys, they’ve really helped me in deciding whether or not I will attend, I most likely will though thanks to your help!

But once again if anyone has any course content feel free to drop a post here. If you’ve attended as a cadet recently send me a message please, I’d really like to talk to you about it!

Thanks for all your replies guys! Managed to get into the Selection weekend somehow, undoubtedly thanks to @Rafters help, and everyone else who replied. I send my endless thanks!