QAIC 15 entry requirements and deadline

I’ve been told mixed things about the entry criteria for the course, such as the requirement of MOI despite the fact that a post here last year didn’t mention it. Also, does anyone know the application deadline this year? I can’t find it anywhere

I’m pretty sure the deadline is long gone, the final selection process is in the next couple of weeks I think?

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Correct, wing entry deadline was a couple of months ago.

(Closed at the end of July)

In terms of entry criteria - no, MOI is not required but could be beneficial.
Final selection took place last Saturday so next year, around May/June 2023, look to apply for QAIC 16!
Ask your squadron staff around this time for the QAIC 16 Warning Order which will tell you all the eligibility criteria and a lot more info about the course.

Eligibility. Candidates must meet the following criteria:
a. At least 16 years of age on 23rd September 2022.
b. Master Cadet or CCF Advanced at receipt of application.
c. Grade 4 GCSE (actual or predicted) in Maths and English.
d. Able to access an internet connection and have an email address.
e. Commit to attending all course training weekends. Dates are included at
Annex A.
f. Graduates of course 15 will be expected to support the Royal International Air
Tattoo or the 2023 National Air & Space Camp at RAF Syerston. Dates are
included at Annex A.
g. Be able to meet the £100 cost of the course from personal or squadron funds.

Selection was completed over the weekend and OCs are aware of successful candidates who are being notified yesterday / this week.

Just found out our sqn chap got in. First in 5 years.

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Our sqn has its first ever