Put it on my (rank) tab!

Just a query, we have quite the mix of youth and inexperience on here :smirk:

Just wondering what rank you all are?

Also for bonus points, if you hold an appointed position (sqn trg officer,wwo etc)

I’ll start, Adult Sgt, OiC Sqn

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You have my pity.


Flt Lt & OC of a squadron!

Don’t do it (OiC) runaway lol.

WO and OC Sqn (and adj and until find someone to voluntold TO)

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WO - Sqn WO, Adj, Sector NCO and Depwwo… Depending on what day of the week it is

now your just showing off :joy:

He just likes hat collecting :wink:


he’s not allowed that officers hat! :joy:


Don’t worry… Trying to bin the Adj role off… It’ll be good for my new Sgts development I think


Flt Lt - Sqn OC + Bader POC

Flt Lt - Sqn OC and secondary HQAC Role :slight_smile:

By application of the Peter Principle I reached an appropriate level of incompetence, then retreated to a specialist role where I do less damage.


A happy FO nobody.
Regular and RAFAC

I want to be one of those again! It’s my long term plan :joy:

Baby Plt Off and Sqn Adj.

Still learning the role.

Edit - I say baby because I’ve been commissioned for 2 years near enough but one of those has been in lockdown, so I haven’t found my feet.

Flt Lt and OC (although I’ve always wondered why it used to be referred to as CO then changed! Never got the chance to refer to myself as OC)

A guy in our area got you beat on titles, he once also invented himself a position of “Deputy Sector Commander”, wasn’t a real position, wasn’t appointed, wasn’t actually a thing, he just slipped it into his email signature one day…

Ironically had a little paddy that he had too many roles and was too busy as well as being an OC, then had a further paddy and quit.


Plt Off (waiting on promotion papers) and Section OC.

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No time for those types.

Tbh I was safe handsing some of those pre lockdown and plan on shifting once normality resumes