Pushed to move to another squadron

Is it mandatory that a staff member who becomes commissioned to be forced or heavily pushed to move to another squadron on commissioning?
Where would something like this be written in any of the ACP’s or ACTO’s?

Nope. Completely made up and unenforceable. You’re a volunteer and you’ve volunteered to serve on that unit. You can only move if you want to.

An encouragement or suggestion to move can definitely be expected, but cannot be enforced.


Is it mandatory? No.
Do some OC Wings pretend it is? Yes.

You don’t need to move squadron, but I guess it’s a case of how much you’re willing to put up a fight if someone is telling you that you need to.


Nope. Not at all.
If you dont want to move. Dont.

#volunteer not employee.


Absolutely this. You can’t be “posted”. Unless you want to you have no cause or order than can force you to move.

Whoever is telling you to do it can absolutely jog on.


As for this bit, if they’re adamant that you have to move, ask them to show you where the regulations say it.

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Everyone’s pretty much hit the nail on the head here.

That being said, depending on what your background is, some experience at another Sqn might be helpful for you to gain insight and knowledge into being a good Officer.

That by no means, means you have to go anywhere you don’t want to. If possible, as a compromise, perhaps suggest you can attend another Sqn periodically, between your usual Sqn evenings. This is entirely up to you though


I agree with @TheTInTurnip - while you absolutely cannot be forced to move to another Sqn, I absolutely take the view that getting a bit of wider experience on other units would do the individual, the recieving units, and the ‘home’ unit the power of good.

That doesn’t mean you can be shoved 40 miles away to a place you don’t want to be, with people you loathe - but a bit of wider exposure to other units, practices, personalities, styles, mojos, ethos’s and ideas will help you be a bigger, more experienced, more effective asset to your Sqn when you return.

I’d say the ideal would be to go to two different other units, perhaps for a year each - and I’d make it clear that that’s what you’re doing - I’d also be tempted to say that it would be best if you and your OC made the arrangements with the other Sqn’s, rather than asking WHQ to do it. Your OC will get you to where you’ll develop most, WHQ will put you where they need you most…

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By any chance, is the unit you’re being asked to go to one that has a good and strong staff team already, or one that has no officer…?

That would massively affect my decision making.


My wing looks to have largely given up the practice. I know only of one officer who’s moved after their OIC and that was I think at their request.

Ex Cadets are still encouraged to go somewhere else as a CI.

I don’t know many units with more than one officer now, and several have none.

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I mean if I was attending Squadron A twice a week, I wouldn’t willingly volunteer to attend for a 3rd night at Squadron B unless:

A. I had no life.
B. Not have any interests outside the Corps.


Wouldn’t necessarily have to be a 3rd night a week every week. Could just be every other week or every third week, or however many.

Could also switch one of the usual nights for another Sqn if their evenings aligned.

It’s what is gained from attending another Sqn as opposed to how often the other Sqn is attended.

Will getting the commission depend on agreeing to the move? If by refusing the move before you have got the commission, the same people are likely to be involved on your Wing Board, so would they say you didn’t pass if you ‘upset’ them by refusing?

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One would hope that people sitting on the board would have more integrity than that

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I might just be a cynic, but I’ve found visiting other squadrons not particularly useful.

Every squadron does things differently, mainly due to the circumstances, building, staff, equipment or other limitations.

I’ve been able to steal and pass on a few good ideas, but largely there is good reason we do the things the way we do, and good reason why neighbouring squadrons do it differently.

And then there are the bits we all do the same.

I agree that getting out and sharing staff is great, and activity swaps work brilliantly. But I really, really, don’t buy into the whole go and spend 6 months somewhere else as it’ll make you a better staff member.

It won’t.

What will make you a better staff member is networking with as many others as you can, having an open mind and being willing to activity swap… and not being confined to a “my cadet” mindset.

You don’t need 6 months on another squadron to have that positive, collaborative, attitude though.

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