I don’t think a purdah notice has been sent to CFAVs before; nor do I think it can actually be enforced as we are not MOD employees. Thoughts?

Clearly if we have publicly funded buildings then they fall under the purdah rules, but I can’t see how the Comdt intends to exercise control over, say, my school Twitter account.

Have I missed something?

It has certainly been raised as an issue in my Wing in the past with WSOs telling squadrons to stop posting on social media.

I’m pretty sure I remember a purdah notice going out at the last general election. Specifically about not inviting MPs or candidates to events.

The not posting on SM thing I don’t really understand if it’s normal cadet-y parade night sorry of stuff.

Edit: thinking about it more I think the one I’m thinking of the purdah covered remembrance so it was noted not too invite local MPs to your parades. Also that would have been in effect for local councillors/mayor’s.

Email to BADER accounts - forwarded via the CoC so CCF branch might be more efficient than some regions? (or, more likely, just have a flatter command structure)

Make sure you register for email notifications for SharePoint announcements. Helps not miss things :grin:

Here’s the link to this announcement

Purdah always gets mentioned before elections of some sort.

They can’t stop posting on social media, only politically sensitive posts :man_shrugging:t2:

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I know of two RAFAC officers who will be standing for election in Wales.

I’m reasonably sure that they’re trying to kill of the use of the word ‘purdah’ in this context, preferring the term: ‘pre-election sensitivity period.’

The word’s original meaning is the noun to describe the practice of female exclusion in some Hindu and Islamic practices: Purdah - Wikipedia

Depends who they are. Head of MC used it in an email the other day and it’s been used in emails by RAF folk (then forwarded to us) previously

I dunno, but I can see the logic of not naming inane apolitical processes after systemic human rights abuses.


Let’s be honest though, if head of MC is using it that means it is probably wrong.


I’ve seen an email in recent days which has some arguably contradictory points:

Purdah ensures that election parties are able to have “clear airwaves”. Purdah means that only “Urgent or Essential” communications may go out on our public social media platforms until after elections. If you are unsure what categorises Urgent or Essential please check with me

  1. There should be no postings of a political nature.
  2. Any ongoing campaigns must now either pause or cease.

If ongoing campaigns are not political in nature, why can’t they continue? :thinking: :man_shrugging:

(this is a genuine question for those more knowledgeable about election law than me, or if it is just HQAC being massively overkill!)

And to be fair, we shouldn’t be posting anything of a political nature anyway?! I do know of a squadron who’s president is the local MP. That’s always seemed wrong to me…

We just use ‘pre-election period’ in work.

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You don’t have a lack of faith in them do you?

Also, the Comdt’s letter about it was titled “PURDAH ADVICE”… I wonder if they’re aware of the origin of the term?

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The Comdt will probably be mortified, he’s very on top of those sort of things normally.

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Yeah, he’s been really proactive with this kind of thing. I think this is a failing at the MC end. They should know better.

If you ask how much faith I have in HQAC MC I would say I’m an atheist.


Interestingly we’ve been told in work that there’s no restriction on us publishing reports etc during the pre-election period, but we probably won’t to avoid any controversy.

my thoughts exactly!