Public Transport Generic Risk Assessment

Being a non-driver, I’m looking into the practicalities of getting cadets to activities via public transport (i.e meeting somewhere near the squadron HQ, then using a combination of service busses / trains as necessary).

I’ve seen GRAs for transport by road (although I can’t find them now :roll_eyes:), but my Sharepoint search skills are failing me for travel by service bus / rail.
Does a GRA for service bus / rail exist? If not, is anyone willing to share a past risk assessment of theirs? Is it even necessary? Am I over-thinking this?

PM me your email and I’ll try to dig one out that I’ve used previously.

Good luck on using public transport, unless you live in and only intend to operate within a city / large town.
Then there is the time and cost implications. So while an admirable intent, I would say an RA is the least of the concerns and the starting point needs to be studying timetables and fares.
Where I live a 15 minute ‘door to door’ car journey takes much, much longer using public transport, is not door to door and the cost compared to a car is astronomic.

Given many things happen at the weekends to try to use public transport to go to Wing events, wouldn’t be at all feasible. For instance to get to an event on a Sunday (0900 to 1700) I would need to leave home by 0530 and return about 2000. The equivalent car journey 30-40 minutes. But this is a squadron HQ used for a lot of things. The more remote locations would be inaccessible by anything other than taxi for the last parts of the journey.

Absolutely. Let us not forget that rail warrants are available for core activities.

I have done this personally a number of times without issue, and the cost has been minimal. In fact, I’d say I’ve travelled to 90% of off-squadron cadet activities by public transport.

For the particular events I have in mind, there might be 10 minutes in it time wise.

I appreciate your concern though.

If it’s not far away, why not ask the cadets to meet you at the location?

Saves taking on the responsibility and worry of marshalling the troops through public transport…

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Our MO is parents take their youngsters any way, as this reduces the burden on the staff.

I think you want to be i/c of a camp party where travel is by rail and the journey is beset with bus replacements, delays and cancellations, all in the days before mobile phones. Hence now, if I go, I drive to camp and let others have the pleasure.