PTT syllabus?

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone can point me towards any part task trainer syllabus/guidance for the mandatory sessions for flying wings. Cheers.

It’s not publicly available and is supposed to only be delivered by “approved” cfav.

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Thanks. Is there a specific way CFAV are approved?

Via your Wing Aviation Officer in the first instance (ours is a Train the Trainer)

Cadets can also deliver the content if they are MOI


I’m doing my final assessment soon for MOI. Should my Sqn staff have access to the content?

They might if they are trained but only authorised train the trainers are allowed to train staff or staff cadets(*) to deliver the course.

  • I’m not sure that staff cadets only is the regulation, but it is my wing’s policy
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To be clear:

This can only be delivered by trained people. Those people could be any adult staff; or instructor cadets. To succeed at the course, those people will almost certainly need some flying experience - PPL/gliding - or to be QAIs, who are planned to be a key part of running the AGSs.

2FTS is (rightly) concerned that if people are taught bad habits in the early stages, they might then be hard to shift if they start real flying/gliding. Hence they are exerting some quality control.


Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking into activities our master cadets could do during classification, and flight sim was one idea. I’ll have a chat with staff about it. Cheers.

Nothing to stop you doing flight sim stuff on sqn, as I understand it. Just wouldn’t count towards wings when all other parts are complete.

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