PTS Fieldcraft Syllabus, Released May 2024

QAIC changed their lanyards after QAIC 8 due to change in the supply route. The new one is of a slightly darker/turquoise shade and is thicker than the originals and were issued from QAIC 9 onwards. The lanyards are not typically held in bulk and are ordered year on year per course

Currently for the most recently graduated course there have been issues with lanyards due to suppliers and COVID-19 as they could not be ordered as a result of the pandemic which is being looked at by the DS.

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A bunch of yellow lanyards, some bleach and then a bottle of dylon. Job done

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And that’s why ccf uniform is gash :wink:




But at least it shows a bit of ‘get up and go’ rather than moan moan moan about ‘supply lines’ ‘chain of command’ and whatever else.

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If there is to be a PTS structure, it would be lovely if the “blue” squadron element could actually be taught by squadron staff with no need to go on any courses!


And if a course really really really is needed, make it a short course that can be delivered over teams.


I would certainly like to see more QJL’s being recognised as FI’s! Having graduated as a cadet, I was later informed by Wing that as a member of staff, I would not be granted FI status until I attended a weekend course like the rest of the staff- yet I’d already done a 9-month course, covered all the Fieldcraft lessons, been exposed to way more FC scenarios than the majority of staff and helped out on many ACF Fieldcraft weekends…I don’t object to going to an additional weekend but why all the extra time, money and effort?

I think there still needs to be more than just doing JL to become an FI. But certainly a shorted course than someone without FC experience. Someone who has done JL may know all there is about how to ‘do’ FC, but not about how to teach it or make it safe while undertaking exercises.


When the ACFTIs were released the JL course was adjusted to qualify you as an FTI.

Otherwise you should have been converted by your FCO


I am sure a ‘basic’ fieldcraft Train the Trainer could be done over Teams. Perhaps hand in hand with Cadet materials done via Articulate, like the shooting content released last year.

It would need us to look at the syllabus, as the order the Army prescribes isn’t necessarily the right order for having some elements taught on Sqns. There are some parts more suited to a classroom or the yard behind the Sqn HQ and others, which need to be done in the field. That could be the split: Sqn or ‘deployed’.

It would be fairly simple to do.

However, and this is the mastodon in the room, you’d get exactly the same moaning from staff as we do for AT: why do we need LLA to walk round the park, why do we need FTIs to teach putting on cam cream. And some will push the boundaries.

Another result might be some staff who would have done the 2 weekend FTI do the Teams 2 hours instead and we lose people who would otherwise be able to act as exercise instructors.

I’m really on the fence for this, as you can probably tell!

Unfortunately a lot of staff seem to have a bit of a negative view around JL and in the past Junior Leaders hasn’t helped this by being so insular about what they do.

As he been mentioned, JL was altered following the last review to make sure Cadets coming out the other side were assessed as fieldcraft instructors, this was a great move. Unfortunately some wing fieldcraft officers are nazis and threw in more blockers.

Those who did JL before that I would expect to have to do elements on the SST, admin and teaching before being made an FCI but certainly not the whole syllabus again.

This a million times!

How much training is needed to put cam cream on, put up a basha, or use hand signals.

About 5 minutes, half a brain and a powerpoint before for staff.

Only bz and above should need quals.

Blue no staff quals
Bz something very basic
Silver existing FCI
Gold existing M Quals.

Bosh. done.


I’m in agreement with this and something I think should be looked at, re-order the lessons in order to have the most effect at lower levels.

Edit to agree with Para, fieldcraft isn’t really a classroom subject but local training should be enabled.

Come again…

NO FT should be delivered indoors or a classroom! What’s the point!



Yeah… that’s the word.

That seems reasonable. Though I’d put bashas in Bz. And please don’t use bungees!

More suited to = possible. Not mandatory.

That’s all some Sqns local to me have - classroom / drill hall and maybe a couple of parking spaces. Most don’t have an ESF.

Certainly the basic lessons like setting up webbing can be done indoors. I try to get them done when the days are still fairly short. Then we can go outside when it’s lighter.

If you can do the whole thing on a training area, crack on.

Indeed I know this well.
But it’s not too much effort to get an LTA signed off for use a couple of times a year.

What annoys me is wing FTOs and region TSAs should be helping Sqns ALOT more than they do in sourcing LTAs and EUFs.

If each WTO got maybe 6 LTAs set up in each wing and sorted that for Sqns. That would be a good start!

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In our wing the FTO made a point of getting all the Squadrons that could have them set up with EUF’s, once it’s been done once it’s really easy to replicate across 30 Squadrons.