PTS Conversion




I was just wondering if anyone has the conversion poster for old brassard badges to the new PTS badges?

Many thanks

Sgt Briggs


If anyone has seen an actual badge that would be handy too!

Is the diagram not in the Blue Badge Logbooks?


The various posters and leaflets are HERE on SharePoint.

There is meant to be a version of the brassard poster where all of the lateral measurements are taken from a centreline (achievable) as opposed to an imagined “edge”, but I’ll be damned if I can find it!


Thanks for the link, but unfortunately I can’t access it! I haven’t been issued with a login…


The posters were also issued to every squadron via HQAC, so you should have 1 at the squadron.

HQAC also posted them onto Facebook, so you can fine them their.

Alternatively, ask your staff to print from SharePoint :slight_smile: